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When I started reading the forward, I was panicking a little. Just a little. But after finishing it, everything was good, and I calmed down. Here's a basic rundown for you: Due to contracts with her publisher, when the author publishes an independent release, it is restricted to no more than 65,000 words. She didn't want to be rushed and didn't want to sacrifice details so she broke the book into two parts. Part two will be releases in 2 weeks (THANK GOD!!) and will be available free of charge in whatever format you request. just sign up for her newsletter and you will get the file on 10-14-14. Honestly, I thought that this was pretty brilliant and awesome on the author's part.

As much as I'm not a huge fan of cliffhangers, I wanted the full experience of Sig and Tommi, so this was all good for me. But now that I've finished the first part, I am willing to do just about anything for the rest of their story!! It hurts to wait, but it will be SO worth it for the rest of their story. (ESPECIALLY if it hurts!!)

With each book that Michelle writes, I always think it's the best, that's no secret. And All Things Pretty (part 1) is no different. There's a reason this is one of my top go-to, drop everything to read authors. As I haven't read part 2 yet, and I don't want to spoil anything from part 1, I am just going to give you some of my favorite quotes from All Things Pretty while I sit and try to think of ways to get my hands on part 2 faster. ;-)

So, here you go. My favorite lines:

"I'm big, yeah, but there's not a single BOY part on me."

"...just knowing that I feel like she needs me, like she needs saving. And not just tonight. Every Night."

"I remind myself that nobody knows me. Not really. They might think they do, that they can judge me, but they can't. They have no idea what my life is like, what's involved and why I do the things that I do." ~~Just a note: Wow...This is something I try to remind myself of with everyone that I come across. Don't be so quick to judge!!

"So I'm worth it? Even if it hurts?" "Especially if it hurts." ~~~I LOVE that part!!

"See now, you keep saying sh*t like that and the gloves are comin' off. And so are the panties."

"You act like it'll be easy as pie for you to keep your hands off me. I'm thinking it's gonna be pure hell for both of us. I mean, have you met me? I'm pretty damn irresistible." ~~~Note: One of my favorite lines from the whole book. Sums Sig's adorable attitude up completely!!

And my other favorite line that quickly explains the kind of woman Sig sees in Tommi, but that she's trying to hide:

"I don't want a lady. I want a woman. One who knows her own mind. One who wears what she's comfortable in, one who says what she's thinking."

All in all, just in case you might have missed it, October 14th can't come soon enough!!