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The only thing that I would change about this book would be to have more. More Lo, more Jett, and definitely more Kace!! In fact, I had to bug the author to find out what's in store for the rest of the Bourbon Series. I'll let you know what I find out, because I'm dying for more. There's got to be more!!

Jett...I love him, but there were a few times I hated him as much as I had previously loved him. He goes after what he wants, and gets it. No matter what. I'll admit that if this was happening in real life, some of Jett's tactics would have creeped me out. He's hot, but until you get to see his softer side and the reason he is the way he is, the things he'll do to get what he wants can seem a bit extreme. He takes alpha male to a whole new level. At one point I made a note of : "Holy shit!! No freaking way did he just do that!!", but amazingly, it's written well enough that by the next few paragraphs I am right back to loving him again. He is dark, but you get these little glimpses of light in him every so often. THOSE are the awesome moments. The ones you devour the book for.

Goldie/Lo is a hellion. Circumstances have her living a life she never dreamed she would, and Jett saves her from that. While he is trying to tame her, her spunkiness and mouth break down his walls, and causes him to have feelings he never thought he would. She also has the patience and the ability to forgive of a saint. There were more than a few times that if it had been me, I would have walked out and never looked back, but she sees something in him that has her sticking around. I'm dying to see more of what's going to happen to these two...and Kace....I want a book of just Kace. I freaking LOVE him!!

If this first book is any indication at all, this series is going to be amazing. Definitely one to look out for; the type you would drop everything you are doing to sit down and read. The premise is interesting, it has moments of funny (there's a "fishing" scene that has scarred my brain. Anytime I see a fish hook, my brain is going to flashback to that!!), and it's fan yourself, blush while reading kind of hot!! I'm already ready for more!!