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Sweet Filthy Boy (Wild Seasons, #1)Sweet Filthy Boy by Christina Lauren
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Sheer and utter brilliance!! Every chapter, paragraph, and word comes together to create pure magic. I can't wait for the rest of this series!!

I'm just going to list everything I LOVE about this, and try to do it short enough that it doesn't turn into a novel...

One of the most endearing, preciously innocent scenes that I have ever read was a conversation between Ansel and a flight attendant. It was something that you would pay to witness. Seriously.

I love the letter, and the idea behind it, that Mia wrote to herself. It shows how well she knows who she is deep down, and in predicting that response, she's actually giving them a chance. It's a brilliant idea.

There were some of their awkward scenes that were written so well that I was squirming and feeling intensely uncomfortable myself. In fact, at times it was so awkward that I couldn't figure out how the relationship could proceed from that point on. But being ingeniously written, it works out perfectly.

I love the friendship between Mia, Harlow, and Lola. Each one has something different to offer the group, and the three of them together is was friendship is all about.

I love Ansel's dimples. Picturing them each time makes him seem even more adorable and delicious. The combination of his filthy mouth with those sweet dimples makes him irresistible.

I love the humor mixed in with the seriousness. While it's lighthearted and fun, there are reflective moments in not only their relationship, but also in their personal actions, that make the two of them really decent people. People you would love to know.

A few of my favorite lines:

"...But if what she feels for me is even a fraction of what I feel for you, I want to be careful with her heart, because I can't imagine what I would do if you left me." (Seriously, how "Awww" inducing is that?? I love that he has a filthy mouth but a sweet, sweet heart.)

"I hate killing spiders, because I think they're amazing, but I'll do it for you if you're afraid of them." (This is one of my favorite lines ever. If a guy said this to me, I'd propose right then and there, and then make sure that line was in my wedding vows!!)

"Ansel was as scared to face his past as I was to face my future." (That one line sums up the entire story.)

This is such a lovely, fun story, but after reading it, I am going to be sorely disappointed if my trip to Vegas this year doesn't have the same results!! (Just kidding...but how awesome would it be if it did!?!?!)

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