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The Night CircusThe Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Nothing I say will ever come close to explaining the amazingness of this book. Ever. I'd heard about it, I even asked people about it, but nothing anyone said came close to expressing the pure brilliance of this story.

To be quite honest, up until the first 20% - 25% of it, I could live with it or without it. It was good, but it didn't hold up to all the hype. But about 25% through the pace picks up and your brain is just bombarded with the most intense imagery and imagination ever. It's books like this that are the reason I read. My imagination doesn't work like this, so to be able to catch a glimpse into the workings of other people's minds, to me, that's what reading is all about. I get to see things, through the author's words, that I could have never come up with on my own. All I can say is where has this story been all of our lives?? I want a circus like this in real life (Okay, I know that's impossible but just like I want a Hogwarts for real, I want a real Night Circus!!).

I had read a list that included The Night Circus as a romance for those who don't like typical romance novels, and honestly I didn't really understand how that could be. If I don't like romance, I'm not going to read any kind of romance. But I totally get it now. It contains one of the most beautiful romance stories I have ever read (especially the ending!!), but I would never classify it as a that. There's romance, but so much more. There's intrigue, danger, magic, friendship, beautiful imagery and detail. It all comes together and is written so well that it just explodes your senses. The sights, the sounds, everything is just so vividly described it seems so real.

Everyone needs to read this. It's not an easy read, by any means. Sometimes I get pretty lazy and if a book doesn't grab me within the first few paragraphs, I'll put it aside to "read later". Not that I always do, but I say I will. If I had put The Night Circus down, it would have been a huge disservice to myself. I cannot imagine missing out on this story. Definitely, DEFINITELY read this!!

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