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Twisted by Emma Chase
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I'm calling in on life for the next few days. Is emotional whiplash considered a sickness?? I hope so because I need some personal days to deal with all these feelings.

I am so happy that I didn't read the synopsis before I started Twisted. I knew it was from Kate's POV, but that's it. Because of how funny and lighthearted Tangled was, I just assumed Twisted was too. I couldn't have been more wrong!! But, whatever you do, don't let the difference stop you from reading this. I am more in love with this series now than I was before, my heart just took a severe beating along the way.

We all know Kate and Drew from Tangled, or at least I hope you do. (I wouldn't recommend reading these out of order. At all.) Drew is his normal jumping to conclusions, kinda ass-y at times self. But I still love him. Flaws and all. This time though, we see that Kate isn't as strong as she came across before. We get to see that she's vulnerable, and at times, just as stubborn as Drew. I have never wanted to scream at two charters as much as I did these two. In fact, I had to put my Kindle on a time-out while I calmed down.

I'm not going to go into much of the story line, but only because I can't without spilling some major spoilers. I'm just going to sum it up by saying number one, don't read this in public. I was in Denny's for the first 40%, and made a scene by rocking back and forth saying, "No. No. No. Nooooooooo!!." And number two, just when you think things are going good, be prepared. Have a box of Kleenex. The author gives you some relief so you think everything is okay, only to steal that very same relief that you are cherishing and holding on to right out from under you. Then you accept that, and *BAM* she smacks you upside the head with another twist. The title Twisted is very apropos. Be prepared.

A few things I loved that I haven't already mentioned:

We get to see more Mackenzie!! I swear she is my favorite little detail of this series. The dynamic between her and Drew could not have been written any more perfect.

Their family dinners. They are priceless.

If I didn't already love the author for this series, the words Kate used to describe Drew when she was pissed would have won me over big time. "Herniated Intestine", "Orca Fingerer", and my absolute favorite..."Molester of Llamas". Whereas five minutes before I was ugly crying, after reading those, I was snot-laughing. These are priceless.

By the end, I actually liked Billy. Normally, once I dislike a character, that's it, I wont ever like them, but Billy gets my respect. Some of it came after it's revealed that as teenager he crazy-glued someone's Lhasa Apsos together, but most of it's his backstory.

To sum it all up, just go get this book. Now!!

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