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Scrapbook Tips & Techniques (Leisure Arts #15931) - Crafts Media LLC

Scrapbook Tips & Techniques (Leisure Arts #15931)Scrapbook Tips & Techniques by Crafts Media LLC
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A few of the things I look for in a good craft book are:

Can you use the content long term or is it more trendy?
In general, when it comes to books, I'll take electronic or paperback; I'm not picky. But, when it comes to books about arts and crafts I want the actual book, in my hands, where I can keep going back to it. I've owned this book for a couple years now, and I am always pulling it off my shelf to look something up. All you have to do is update the paper and the notions and the finished page looks current, but still classic.

The cost to content ratio:
The fact that this comes from Creating Keepsakes makes purchasing it somewhat of no brainer (for me at least). Generally speaking, if I like a company's monthly magazines, I'm going to love their "idea books", and that holds true for this one. Getting 288 pages, full of USEFUL content, for around $17, you really couldn't ask for more. It covers the basics of many techniques, making it easy to experiment, so for the basic, not so tech-y scrap booker, this is perfect for you.

The book's focus:
This one covers just about everything. There are tips and tricks on paper quilting, printing on ribbon, and making interactive titles. While I should be using the chapter "From Chaos to Order" the most (I am ridiculously unorganized!!), the chapter I found most useful was "25 ways to include more photos". I'm constantly finding myself adapting my layouts to fit in these little hidden albums.

With over 700 tricks and techniques in it, this is the book version of a "jack of all trades". There's a little bit of something for everyone.

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