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Cakes to Dream On: A Master Class in Decorating by Colette Peters
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I normally write reviews for fiction, so this one is a little different and new to me.

It needs to be said that I am in no way near being a master at cake decorating. In all honesty, I bought Cakes to Dream on: A Master Class because it was beautiful. The cover, the cakes inside, all of it, it's just amazing! My mom was a cake decorator for years, so for this review I asked her opinion on the book.

The instructions: Very easy to follow. The diagrams and drawings are thorough, as they not only tell you what you need to do, they also show you. I learn from seeing much faster than I do from words alone, so the sketches, patterns, and diagrams are a HUGE plus.

Practicality for the average person: For just the average, everyday person?? Not the most practical. These aren't cakes that you would be making for a kids birthday party. Part of what makes this book so amazing IS the fact that you won't see these cakes anywhere else. They are equal parts unique and amazing!! Being hardbound, if you bought the book at a regular store, it would be a bit pricey at $40. Luckily, I got through Amazon for around $25, and I consider that a steal!

The recipes: These are the same recipes used in bakeries with some bonus variations.

The best feature: While the photography is stunning, the cakes brilliantly unique, what sells me the most are the diagrams, sketches, and patterns. They are definitely the biggest selling point.

Even if I had never planned to do any of the cakes out of here, I would still keep the book on my shelf just to show it off!!

Here are a couple of my favorites:




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