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No words I can say can explain this books awesomeness!!

The Minaldi LegacyThe Minaldi Legacy by Courtney Cole
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I haven't been this excited about a book in a long time. Don't get me wrong, I have read plenty of books that I LOVED, and a few that have given me serious book hangovers, but it's been a while since one just full body, heart and soul, grabbed me and wouldn't let go!!

The Minaldi Legacy is dark and gritty, and real and heart-wrenching. I was not only kept guessing throughout the entire book, I kept looking back and could find little details that show how intricately woven the story was. In the first half, there was more than once that with the information given, I couldn't figure out how it could end happily. People I was convinced were to be blamed, weren't, but then they were, but not on their own or really at all. People that I never even thought about blaming, were as guilty as sin. My highlights and notes are kinda funny to look at because I was all over the board on this one. My brain never could have come up with a story this complex and kinda awesomely twisted. One thing I did come away with though, ALWAYS OWN A DOG!!

I will admit that once I was through the first half, I couldn't see how you could have a whole other half to read. I thought the story ended good there, and would just be long and drug out if it continued. I even had to make myself start the second half because I quite liked it how it was. I should have never doubted the author. What started out as a really good book turned into an amazing, complex thriller romance!!

If you are looking for a dark, brooding, VERY hot man, a level headed, strong willed, anti-wilting woman, look no further!! The only thing that could make The Minaldi Legacy any better would be if the author included a cloned version of Luca with every purchase.

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