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THIS is how Alice in Wonderland should be retold!!



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I know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Only one time have I let a bad cover influence me to not buy a book, but many times an awesome cover has grabbed my attention and drawn me in. Call me shallow.

The cover and overall artwork of the whole Splintered series is phenomenal!! Even if this book had sucked, I would have kept it around.

So, aesthetically, the book is amazing. What about the story? Actually, I could sum the whole review up in three words.


THIS is the way to retell Alice in Wonderland!! I love classic children’s stories retold with an edge. Anyone who plans to do that, please read Splintered and take notes. Splintered is Alice in Wonderland meets Tim Burton, with some teenage angst, but all told with the author’s unique creativity and imagination. I did not want to leave the pages of her version of Wonderland!!

I ranged the whole spectrum of emotion while reading this. From amusement and whimsy, to where page 331 solidly broke my heart, and page 335 stitched it back together. It was an eerie rollercoaster ride that I can’t wait to get back on with UNHINGED!!

DEFINITLY go buy this 5 star read!!