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The Geekery Book Review


I'm still trying to find the words to explain my feelings about Owning Violet...

Does it make sense to love it just as much as I was frustrated by it?? I'm just going to divide this into two parts. What I loved and what frustrated me to no end (but the good kind of invested frustration!!)

What I loved:

Violet. I love everything about her. On the outside she seems meek, mild, and timid, but when she needs to, she can be quite fierce. She is sweet and kind, and people tend to take advantage of that, but she's also incredibly strong when she needs to be. I seriously love everything about her.

It's dual POVs. Nothing makes me happier that opening a book to find this!!

That moment when you understand the book's name. After seeing the dynamics of Violet and Ryder's story, no book has been more aptly named.

That there's more to come!! I can't wait for Rose's story!!

What caused me serious frustration (Again, the good kind of frustration!!):

RYDER MCKAY!!!!!! The one line in the book that sums him up completely is: "Why do I want him one minute and loathe him the next?". After reading his back story, you totally get why he is like he is, but DEAR GOD, a more frustrating man has never been written!! He is endearing and hot, but be prepared to pull your hair out. (Oh, and about 56% in he gets REALLY interesting!!)

Pilar. That is one woman whose character has been written so well that you seriously hate her. Like really hate. She definitely adds angst to the story. As much as I hate her, the story would not have had the same depth to it without her, so she's a necessary evil.

To sum this up, you definitely need to read Owning Violet. It's gripping, it's well written, it's yummy hot, and it needs to be high up on your to-read list!! You'll be happy to be owned by Ryder McKay!!